Cheese, wine, snooty waiters and Eiffel Tower are what that France attracts millions of the travelers with from all over the world every year. It is a beautiful country with a storied history and the most delicious cuisines of the world. The history of this country blends with the beautiful castles, culture, and architecture. Spending a holiday in France is truly a dream come true. Here in this article, a complete guide for spending your holiday in France is discussed, have a look at these before you plan your holiday in France.



 A dorm room will cost you approximately 15 to 40 EUR per night; however, it would depend on the place where you are taking the accommodation. Paris is a bit costlier being the capital city. Private rooms cost around 75 EUR per night or more.


All the places in France are well connected by railways, and it is the most reliable way of transit. Local trains cost around 1 to 3 EUR in one way trip; whereas the high-speed trains cost around 90 EUR. Taxis are expensive, so it is better to avoid taxis when you have the option to travel by trains. So if you avail the slow train instead of the fast TGV trains and if you possess the Eurail pass you can save a lot of money.


 There are many shops in France where you would find cheese, bread or meat so arranging for your own food in France is not at all a problem. Lunch for two comes at around 10 EUR that too with a bottle of wine. Sandwiches cost 4 to 7 EUR. 45 to 60 EUR will be enough for a week’s groceries. Eating in a mediocre restaurant will cost you around 25 to 30 EUR per meal. If you are travelling together, then the best way to save money is to buy some food like cheese, bread, and meat and then sit in a park, munching your food and watching people pass by. You will save at least 15 EUR and will be full in 10 EUR or even lesser. You will get a bottle of wine in less than 3 EUR, so it is actually cheaper than water. So, bread, cheese, meat and a bottle of wine will make your day in less than 10 EUR.




Apart from visiting places in France if you wish to enjoy otherwise like going to a bar or clubs, you are probably in the wrong place unless you have enough of the EUR in your pocket. Bars are expensive so avoid bars and save your EUR to enjoy in France. Clubs in France are expensive as well. Entry fees are huge around 23 EUR and above per head. Drinks in clubs would cost you no less than 12 EUR. So if you do not want to save your EUR then skip the bars and clubs in France.

These are some of the tips that may help while you are planning a holiday in France.

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There are some cities in the world that you should visit at least once in your lifetime to get a different taste of pleasure and ecstasy. Copenhagen, Denmark is among such places that you need to explore once in your lifetime. Here are the reasons why; have a look at these. In our opinion the best company to fly with is RyanAir who you can speak to by calling the Ryan Air Contact number today.



Copenhagen in Denmark is a beautiful city that offers the serenity and the calmness that makes the people all around the world to flock to this place. However the Danes are a polite group of people, so if you are expecting to party hard all night or outgoing the locales, then Copenhagen is probably not the place for you.


Copenhagen is perhaps the most wonderful city in the whole of Scandinavia. The city offers coziness in a variety of ways. It has beautiful parks, gorgeous streets, a beautiful coastline, hosts fantastic concerts and countless festival, and a whole lot of shopping destinations for the shopaholics. This city knows fashion, architecture, and delicious Nordic Cuisine in the perfect ways. The city is clean and safe and has a magical charm in itself. Every place in the city is very easily accessible. So everyone should come to this city to experience the coziness at least once in their lifetime.

The People

The locals of Copenhagen are such dear people. They do not know any small talks and criticism of any kind. They are all open to their hearts and warm. They are all high-end fashionist a and do not mind wearing a business suit while biking to work or to school. They are always particular about the way they dress. They prefer organic food and seeing a bunch of people celebrating with some Danish beer and cigarettes in a park is nothing unusual. They do it quite often with their loved ones to recover from boredom. They are a happy group of people and know how to live life happily.

Great Places To Visit

There are some great places to visit in Copenhagen. Museums like the National Gallery, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the NY Carlsberg Glyptotek are some of the spectacular Museums in Copenhagen. The Botanical Garden and the Rosenborg Castle Gardens are places that are worth visiting for a lifetime experience. The Botanical Gardens had an area of about 10 hectares and noted particularly for the extensive glasshouses that are dated back in 1874. These places are in full bloom during the summer and spring.

Drinking In Public Is Legal                             

It may sound surprising but yes it is a fact. Drinking in public places is legal in Copenhagen. However finding people with a bottle of beer in public parks is a very normal thing and you will get to experience this more during the summer time when people go out and drink in public as a show of entertainment.

These are some of the reasons why Copenhagen is listed among the most beautiful cities in the world that deserve at least one visit during one’s lifetime.

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Renting a car while in a vacation gives you the flexibility and freedom while you are travelling. But before you rent a car while you are on a vacation there are certain things that should be kept in mind; Insurance options available to you, varieties of car rentals and you need to choose the most convenient for them. Here in this article some of the tips are discussed if you want to hire a car while on vacation, have a look at these.


Choose A Car Rental Depending On The Number Of People Travelling With You

Car rental companies lease their cars based on the category rather than the model of the vehicle. Each company follows a different model of categorization. So before choosing your car, go through all the details. Next is to check the number of persons travelling with you; this includes considering their luggage too that they will be carrying. Check whether the sitting capacity of the car fits your requirement and there is enough room for keeping the luggage safely.

Choose The Cars Depending On The Nature Of Vacation

If you are going on a honeymoon spree, you don’t need a large car for only the two of you. A small car will do. However, if you are going for a family vacation or going on a skiing spree the amount of luggage in both the cases will be undoubtedly huge. For this, you need a large convertible SUV-like car for a comfortable trip

Make The Booking Well In Advance

Making all your bookings well in advance saves you from the last moment hustles. Moreover, the rates are also low if you make your bookings over the phone or online even 24 hrs before the journey rather than making the bookings over the counter just minutes before. If you are going for an international trip, make sure that you complete all your payments before you leave your country. This is because once you are overseas barriers like exchange rates of currency, language barriers, and others unexpected barriers may crop up.

Make Sure That The Car Rental Companies Have The Proper Documentation

This holds true if you are making an international trip. Many western countries have their own sets of rules and regulations, and you need to carry proper travel permit to enter their lands. Some countries even have a minimum and maximum age for the drivers and the drivers who are below 25 yrs of age or above 70 years are not even given the permit to drive to certain countries. Make sure that your car rental companies are aware of all these rules or otherwise will have to face the surcharges and penalties which may be borne on the travelers.

Have A Basic Idea

Before renting a car, you should have a basic idea about the approximate cost. Otherwise, you may be charged extra without your knowledge.

These are some of the basic tips of hiring a car while you are enjoying your vacations with your loved ones.Go, Ryanair contact is there to guide you at its best.

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